well·ness [welnis]:
The state or condition of ideal physical and mental health

Welcome!  Prairie Wellness Counseling Center, LLC, was born out of a strong passion to support individuals in multiple communities.  Though our parent company started in a small rural town, we hope that will only add to the warmth of the services you receive in our new urban environment.  Aurora Molitoris, LPC, LCPC, is leading this office, located in Overland Park, Kansas.  She brings with her unmatched compassion and excellence in services.  She has created a warm and supportive environment that will enhance a sense of safety and security as you embark on overcoming challenges presented on your journey.  Following her lead are several therapists that stand firmly on the foundations of compassion, connection, and courage.  

We understand that there are many factors involved in facing these challenges as your storyline has developed, and we seek to use the wellness model to identify effective strategies for changing, adapting, or simply sharing your narrative in a way that is helpful for you.  We hope to help this be an engaging and useful leg of your journey, and we are grateful you would consider letting us join on your path with you, even if for a moment.  Whether you pursue this path or decide another provider is a better fit for you … we commend you on the courageous steps you are taking and we hope your efforts help you immensely!

Blessings and Be Well,
Shannon H. Hiser, LPC, LCPC, RPT-S.

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“When ‘I’ is replaced by ‘we’
even ‘illness’ becomes ‘wellness’”

Our Patients Say it Best

We are so blessed to have Shannon as our adoptive girls’ play therapist. She is very insightful and the girls learn so much from her. She has helped them tremendously through their emotional healing journey. Thank you Shannon for supporting them and us as a family.
Our Family has been using Adrienne for over 1 year for a couple different Foster Children. Absolutely love how calming she is. She has a way to her therapy that makes you realize that thi gs are not as bad as they may have seemed. I highly recommend this Group of ladys. They have a lot to offer.
My son has seen shannon for about 3-4 years I do recommend shannon she has been such a blessing to my sons life. Not only my sons life my own as well. She has such a kind heart and she is such a genuine woman my son nor myself have never had a bad experience with her nor has my son. On a scale of 1-10 I would definitely rate a 10.