Amanda Wilkes

A Note From Amanda

There are things we all have to suffer through, but can we learn how to suffer it well? Whether we struggle with our relationships with ourselves or our relationships with others, personally or professionally, when we learn how to connect mindfully we improve our chances of creating opportunities for meaningful growth and lasting change. As a mother and stepmother of 5 with a bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in counseling and guidance, I have a deep understanding of the many complex challenges that we all face when trying to reach and maintain a state of inner peace and well-being within ourselves and when connecting with others.

The process of learning how to connect with yourself and others mindfully is both a science and an art – and I bring both to our sessions together. As you’re finding your path or creating a new one, my goal is to create a space that allows for the exploration and authentic expression of each aspect of your unique self while we work together to identify your strengths, challenges, and areas for growth. My approach is gentle and nonjudgmental, yet direct, while modeling mindfulness and collaboration as we explore the elements of your story and create a constructive path forward.

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