Online Counseling

You Are Not Alone

Since the pandemic, now more than ever, we have been considering the needs of people in under-served and rural areas, specifically in Missouri and Kansas. Small towns can be lonely enough, but if you are without transportation, concerned about the spread of illness, or just plain lacking in resources, loneliness and isolation can seem exponential. Now, we have seen, that online counseling and therapy services can be provided virtually anywhere!

Our daily online practice includes reaching out and connecting, walking your path with you, and being available to you when you are stuck and uncertain. We want to know and compassionately respond to YOUR story, which has been carefully and intricately written by you from the moment you were born.

We know there are factors that, sometimes, seem so overwhelming or unchangeable, and if somethinganything could just be slightly different, perhaps life would feel better. We are here to help you narrate your story, write new chapters, and establish a plot that you look forward to living.

You’re Invited to The Well

Easy & Straightforward Services at Your Fingertips

Explore your story with a trained and licensed professional counselor. For a weekly subscription of $125, you have access to 60 minutes of technology-assisted therapy (screentime or telephonic) through a HIPAA compliant platform, and you have unlimited access to email or text therapy within the therapists set hours each day. 

We hope that offering this access can inspire you as you embark on a new chapter!