Kris Koppy, LPC

Kris specializes in treating individuals who have experienced trauma. Although he is certified in several modes of therapy, he is a phenomenological person-centered therapist with an eclectic style, as no single mode of therapy is guaranteed to help every individual. It is genuine transparency, empathy, validation, and heart investment that gives people the courage, strength, ability, will, hope, and desire to change. He has 20+ years experience with individuals, couples, and groups. He has spent the last 30 years working with the most vulnerable members of society, striving for justice and peace on their behalf. He wholeheartedly believes that individuals change through the power and influence of unconditional positive regard. Every problem in the world is a relational problem and genuine empathy, love, and compassion are the instruments of healing. Just as many people have been damaged by key, primary relationships, one experiences healing through safe, trusting, loving relationships.