Alison Whitaker, PLPC


Alison loves the Lord and believes strongly in the power of unconditional positive regard. As such, she offers this to every single one of her clients and utilizes therapeutic modalities within that worldview of compassion, mercy, and grace. Although she offers faith-based counseling, she walks with anyone from any background to find healing and restoration. Alison has worked with several female adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse to help them heal and overcome their past trauma. 

Additionally, Alison works with men and women individually, to help them overcome marital conflict and to help them pursue restoration in their marriage as each is willing. She helps them to develop healthy boundaries while increasing healthy communication skills and intimacy. Alison also works with those who have experienced grief and loss and helps them in processing their emotions regarding difficult life-altering circumstances to find hope and healing. She believes no person or situation is beyond restoration and works steadfastly with individuals to help them achieve wholeness again. She strongly believes that children are our future and is currently being trained in play therapy. She really enjoys working with adolescents, as well, to help them strengthen their self-confidence, build loving relationships with their parents and other family members, and also, to help older adolescents transition into adulthood. 

Alison has a Master of Arts degree from Cincinnati Christian University and has worked in four group homes, Mobile Crisis, and a psychiatric hospital on their acute unit. She is currently pursuing her license in counseling and works under the supervision of Shannon Hiser, LPC, LCPC, RPT-S. Alison has pursued anti-trafficking work in several cities and two countries and currently does jail ministry. 

Alison enjoys spending time with the Lord and her husband of over four years. Together, they feel called by God to someday move to Thailand to help girls coming out of human trafficking to find wholeness and healing in their new life. Isaiah 61:1 is one of Alison’s life verses.